5 Ways To Use A Company Intranet To Boost Morale

When morale is high in a work environment, team members are engaged and productive. They care about the work they are doing and they care about the overall success of the team. With all of the moving parts involved in running a company, it can be easy to forget about team morale.

That being said, ignoring this fundamental part of your company’s success can have dire consequences. Instead of passionate, motivated team members, low morale breeds a group of workers who simply can’t wait to clock out. 

Companies that boast high morale enjoy higher retention, higher productivity, and a higher level of creativity. How could you benefit from all of these amazing advantages? The answer might be someplace you would have never expected to find it – your company intranet

Use Company Intranet To Boost Morale 

So many companies rely heavily on their intranet to keep track of tasks, share important information, and store files. Most of them are not using their work tools to their full potential. 

Especially now that the in-person office is still not an option for so many, the only way to boost morale in the workplace is through online communication. What better place to carry this out than right where your team members log- in every day?

1. Broadcast Company And Individual Accomplishments 

When you broadcast company accomplishments, you remind your team of what can be achieved with proper teamwork. Highlighting individual accomplishments will make workers feel valued within the company. This goes a long way during those difficult weeks we all know about.

2. Share Inspiring Content

Your team members are likely seeing all sorts of bad news everywhere they turn. By offering them some inspiration through an uplifting article or even a great quote, you can put them in a more positive mindset. 

3. Make The Company Intranet Appealing 

Everyone loves a work environment that is nice to look at and easy to use. Make sure you choose a platform that makes work convenient and hassle-free for your team members. 

4. Make Sure Team Members Have All The Tools They Need 

A sense that they don’t have everything they need to complete their work would create stress for any worker. To avoid unnecessary worry, make sure all the resources that your team members might need are readily available to them. In addition to boosting morale, this will save lots of company time. 

5. Create A Sense Of Community To Boost Morale

The point of using a company intranet for your team is likely to facilitate communication in order to work towards the best possible results as a team. Why not also facilitate connection where possible? Try encouraging discussion through forums. Make sure someone in upper management is always available to attend to the needs of the team so that everyone feels heard. 

Use the tools you have at your disposal to streamline business but also to strengthen your team. Navo enables you to organize important files and web pages but it’s capable of much more if you’re willing to focus on boosting company morale. Stay connected with Navo’s team-optimized features. Start a 30-day free trial today.