Why You Need To Create A Business Mood Board

Welcome to 2022! Many view the new year as a time to set personal goals like exercising or joining a book club. It’s also a great time to freshen up your marketing strategy in an ever-changing commercial climate. It’s time to get your team together and explore new ideas. 

Collaborative brainstorming is such an important part of leveraging your team’s creativity. It allows you to strengthen your sense of a shared vision and finally, turn your brilliant ideas into reality. If you’re unsure of the best starting point for collecting and organizing all of your team’s ideas, try creating a Mood board.

What Is A Business Mood Board? 

A mood board is basically a thematic collage of ideas much like a scrapbook. In the context of your business, mood boards can be helpful tools within your team for inspiration, guidance, and to put all of your ideas together in a tangible way.

When it comes time to outsource important tasks to graphic designers, website developers, and content creators, a mood board can help them understand your vision more clearly than a conversation might. 

There are many moving parts involved in product design, marketing, and all the other processes that support the development of your business. Whether you’re starting a new brand or you’re simply seeking to redefine your brand identity, you need an outlet for the accumulation, organization, and implementation of ideas. 

How To Create A Business Mood Board 

So, how do you get started creating a mood board for your brand? Follow these three simple steps.

The first step will offer you a sense of direction when it comes time to collect ideas online. It involves establishing a clear goal for your brand. Consider your ideal buyer and what they want to see. What specific problems do you aim to solve for them? Once you establish these factors, you’ll be sure of the sort of identity you’re trying to convey. During your online search for relevant ideas, you’ll know exactly what fits with your brand and what doesn’t. 

The second step is the most fun. It’s time to gather images, visual metaphors, fonts, quotes, color schemes, and anything that captures the essence of your brand. A great place to start is Pinterest where there’s a multitude of posts on any subject imaginable. However, though Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and create a mood board, it may not be as helpful in facilitating the third step in a team setting. 

Finally, as a business, you need all team members to be on the same page. It’s time to share your mood board. If only there were a solution that makes it easy for everyone on your team to access important ideas, make needed changes, and work towards a clear common goal….

How We Can Help

Navo is a centrally organized bookmark manager that allows your team to access key company resources from anywhere. Its intuitive drag-and-drop builder makes it very easy to create a mood board and display it for your entire team. 

You can also create a mood board on a platform like Pinterest and make it readily available for your team members by adding it as a bookmark. Team members can access resources quickly and easily with our advanced search tool. In addition, Navo’s browser extension makes the process of collecting ideas extremely convenient. Start creating your business mood board today and share it on Navo with a 30-day free trial