A Bookmark Extension Moves the Needle on Microsoft Edge Activities

If your workplace browser is Microsoft Edge, you’re probably well-equipped with add-ons that serve to maximize your time in the office (wherever that may be), save money and improve overall efficiency – but did you know that an Edge bookmark extension can be one of the browser’s strongest (and most cost-effective) allies? The two are perfect companions when working online. So how can your company benefit most from incorporating a bookmark extension into your Microsoft Edge activities? 

What Is a Bookmark Extension?

A bookmark extension acts as your central portal for saving, storing and sharing information that pertains to a company and/or its employees. It is downloaded from and secure within the cloud, allowing you unmatched capabilities inside both your collaborative and independent workspaces.

In particular, you might find a bookmark extension like Navo useful for keeping an organized and up-to-date record of company data. This might include employee particulars and scheduling, project materials/details and department-specific information that is available to relevant parties. This information is easily shared with select personnel, as access is completely customizable to business administrators.

Time Is of the Essence 

Consistently throughout the course of business, company bookmarks (i.e. links to documents, projects and employee / department information) are updated or modified. It’s important that appropriate team members can access new or revised information in real time as it can have a profound timesaving (or adversely, time wasting) effect on everyday operations, as well as long-term business decisions. Update latency is a huge problem within various workforces and causes employees, as well as management, to make mistakes that can have serious consequences. 

Location is Neither Here Nor There

Many are either in the process of shifting, or are already fully integrated to remote working. This has created a greater need for tools and programs that support the portable or at-home office. It also means that on-premises software is phasing out, and cloud-based software that supports the remote work model is on the rise. Understandably, add-ons like Navo that are easily amalgamated into cutting-edge browsers like Edge, are very exciting among working professionals and company executives. 

Flawless navigation is a central theme within the Navo Edge bookmark extension, and this is not exclusive to Microsoft users. No matter which browser you are operating from, you are supported by an easily accessible tool that lives right at the top of your screen. You are not required to load a program and wait – it is already there and ready to use as your business requires, whenever – and wherever – you happen to be working. It can be utilized on any smart device and only requires one thing….the internet. 

If your browser of choice happens to be Microsoft Edge, a bookmark extension can be its trusty sidekick. With Navo, you’re no longer stuck working with the limited capabilities of your browser. Your workspace horizons are infinitely expanded – and with an extremely low monthly cost. No complicated software maintenance required, no additional fees. As our Navo software updates, so does yours. It’s as simple as that. 

For more information on how a bookmark extension like Navo can optimize your Microsoft Edge activities, get in touch with our sales team today.