Bookmark Sharing – Maximize Company Time With a Browser Extension

Small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of our local economy, driving healthy consumerism and creating jobs for talented individuals to hone their craft – but with the recent surge in remote / online offices and teams working apart, there has been a greater need to increase office connectivity and overall efficiency. This has come in the form of interactive project management software, as well as add-ons such as a bookmark sharing browser extension, which all help to stabilize and unify the remote work dynamic between company personnel and create a more user-friendly experience.

An Extension Shouldn’t Undermine a Program’s Integrity

On the contrary, tools like a bookmark sharing browser extension should only add value to your project management program – improving its functionality and usability.

Although today’s project management software is highly customizable and often comes with a range of impressive features, there are ways in which it’s still missing the mark. One of those ways is its limitations concerning the saving, storing, locating and sharing of company bookmarks – particularly when it comes to time-sensitive or important matters. This is one of the reasons why businesses and their staff commonly run into roadblocks during the work day. And in some cases, it’s not just about wasted time while on the clock, but rigid deadlines, pressing client issues or employee queries that simply cannot wait. Enter the bookmark sharing browser extensions like those provided by Navo.

 A bookmark sharing browser extension allows company links to be more widely available to relevant parties within your business. The entire process of saving or accessing information is expertly streamlined through clever features like drag & drop capabilities, instantaneous navigation updates, customizable accessibility options, version history, advanced search and a completely secure cloud-based access point.

Strengthen Working Relationships & Save Time

Time management should always be at the top of the priorities list, especially when we’re talking about those that are primarily based online. And teams tend to thrive and function more productively in a highly interactive and efficient workspace. This is one of the advantages of operating out of a dedicated physical office. But as we know, the pandemic has shifted all workplace dynamics in a big way, and further accelerated online and remote office structures. It is, therefore, essential to simulate that environment as much as possible for staff, by offering alternatives to those benefits provided with an in-office experience. With a bookmark tool like Navo, the lines of communication are always open, and seamless collaboration is easy to achieve. Team members will feel more connected, and in the loop at all times.

Speaking of ‘At All Times’

One of the foremost features of a bookmark sharing browser extension like Navo, is flexibility. No matter what time of day, your office’s metaphorical doors are never locked. Not only that, your staff can easily access company links from any device, whether they’re at home or “out of the office”.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Navo can optimize your valuable company time and create a more interconnected online user experience, get in touch with our sales team or sign up for a free trial.