Centralized Administration is a Company Bookmark Must

Why is it so difficult to stay organized? Well, between social media campaigns, customer information, invoicing, and important notes, you can end up drowning in a mess of files and links.

All companies face periods of disorganization when a deadline is looming but over time, a lack of organization can sabotage your productivity and quickly dissolve your customer relationships. If you struggle to stay organized, for the sake of your company’s success, it’s time to make a change. Where do you start? 

Identify your weak spots first to get organized. Time management is the culprit for some companies while for others it’s poor communication. Identifying where there’s room for improvement is essential for long-term problem shooting but what if you want a quick solution that you can implement and start benefiting from today? 

Next time you try a new organization tool, for instance, a bookmark manager, look for something centrally managed. Centralized administration involves managing company resources and data from a single point of access and control. Here’s why your next bookmarking tool needs this invaluable attribute. 

Establish a Focussed Vision 

Great communication goes a long way in ensuring your company vision is clear to everyone on your team. As mentioned, centralized administration grants team members access to all needed information from one access point. This ensures that no messages become muddled or unclear throughout your important projects. Everyone involved will be well-aware of the company’s vision. 

Consider the bookmark manager you’re using at the moment. Do you find that it allows you to make your objectives clear to everyone? Or, do you find that you’re leaving team members guessing and as a result, causing them to lose focus on your vision? 

Save Time With Centralized Administration

Democratic decision-making is important in many circumstances but to move a project along, you’ll need to make a few executive decisions. As the leader of your company, you’ll save a lot of time if the bookmark tool you’re using allows you to communicate your objectives to all team members with the click of a button without running the risk of misinterpretation. Make sure your team is equipped with all the necessary tools to get started now. 

Enjoy an Improved Quality of Work 

When an organizational tool enhances the transparency with which you can communicate with your team members, you can expect a higher level of quality from the work produced. Everyone will have access to the links, apps, and webpages they’ll need to work effectively. Where can you find a tool that uses centralized administration to improve the cohesiveness of your team? 

Implementing Centralized Administration

Navo is an excellent example of a centrally managed bookmark tool. It offers you flexibility and leaves team members no excuse for missing work. Navo is cloud-based so, your team members will be able to access company bookmarks from any device in any location.

To further enhance efficiency, Navo allows you to determine which bookmarks are visible to which team members through security trimming. In addition, you’ll have access to any changes your administration team has made.

All of these features combined are conducive to a workplace optimized for productivity and effectiveness. Centralized administration will bring your team together so you can create something extraordinary. Learn more about Navo and take advantage of your thirty-day free trial here!