A Mall Map For Your Modern Company Intranet

We created Navo so that employees can quickly find what they need in their company Intranet and get back to work. We’ve all been there: “I need to do X task, where do I find Y tool?”

We saw that early on, while everyone was focused (and spending enormous amounts of time, energy, and money) on making visually appealing Intranet experiences in things like SharePoint, the real value of the Intranet lies within its navigation. If employees can’t find your visually stunning SharePoint sites, what good are they providing? On top of that, content was spread far beyond the confines of a traditional Intranet. Your tools and resources – the applications you use and the policies that govern them – are constantly changing in this modern world. And that’s a good thing. However, the question remains: if your team can’t find those tools and resources, what good are they providing?

We wanted to redefine what a company Intranet looked like. Rather than directing people back to a complicated Intranet system, we wanted our Intranet to ‘float’ with us. Wherever we are working – SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, on the web, on the road, on your mobile phone – we wanted access to all of the tools, content, policies, and applications that our organization uses. Like the map at the mall you stop by at the start of your visit, and come back to every time you’re looking for another store, we wanted something that was fast, easy to understand, and let’s you quickly get back to shopping – I mean working (?).

Thus, Navo as ‘the directory of your business’ was born!

Shopping With A Plan

Let’s think about it like this. You’re heading to the mall, and you want to get in and get out. You have a list of exactly what you need. Parking was a pain and you’re already aching to be back home on the couch. You need a coffee, and then you need a plan of all the stores you want to get to and the fastest route possible to make it happen.

Lucky for you, there is a directory that lists every store in the mall. It’s sorted by category, so you can find the places you need to go and plan your route to get there. And hey! Your coffee shop is just around the corner. You can find exactly what you need (starting with that latte) without wandering around the mall wasting time.

You’re probably of the same mind at work. You start the day with a plan. You have a list of tasks you want to complete, and the tools, applications, and policies you need to complete them. Instead of searching around your Intranet sites, file shares, and emails, or wandering around disrupting co-workers until you find what you need, you go to a central location where all of your company resources are stored. You search for what you need as you check tasks off your list. You’ve saved hours of time tracking down the information you needed just to get started!

Navo Omnibox Search

Shopping Without A Plan

Maybe you read the above scenario and thought “I’ve never gone to the mall with a plan. You let the mall tell you what you need.”

I hear you! Maybe you’re looking for a pair of shoes or a new dress, or you just want to check out the jewelry or sporting goods stores. You might pull out your phone or check out the mall map just to see what the options are.

Navo can fill that need, too! Not sure what tools are available? Need to check and see if a policy has already been created? Want to know where to get an updated parking pass? The search function in Navo will help you find what’s possible. Search for apps, tags, or descriptions that help guide you to the right tools and resources.

Navo SharePoint Menu

Window Shopping

OK, so you’re just at the mall to look around. You want to find out what’s there and tuck it away in case you need it. You don’t want to buy anything today, but you want to know where to go when you need something next time.

We LOVE this about Navo. New at the office? Want to see what tools and policies have been updated? Just want to get familiar with your options? Click through your Navo menu to see what kinds of resources your company has already provided.

Navo Web Application


Tools, policies, and resources are changing now faster than ever. Finding the right information quickly gets harder and harder the more complex our systems, processes, and jobs get. Navo acts as a floating directory that points you in the right direction, saving you time tracking down the tools you need to get to work.

Start now and try Navo FREE for 30 days!

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