Global Navigation in SharePoint Online and Intranet Gamechangers

SharePoint Online is one of the most popular Intranet programs out there, acting as a company’s behind-the-scenes database or “intranet” for employees and administrators to access, develop and adjust as needed. The operating capabilities of SharePoint are beyond reproach, however there is one tool that can provide a marked improvement to navigation, organization and time efficiency – and that is the integration of a bookmark extension like Navo. This achieves what is called “global navigation” within programs like SharePoint Online and Teams. It’s a way to reduce the time it takes to locate and access company data, tools, new ideas and all the informational elements that keep a business’ wheels in motion. 

What is Global Navigation and its role within SharePoint Online? 

Global navigation is a term that refers to the ways in which team members access, modify and work with the information or tools of their respective company. With SharePoint being a mainstay platform for company intranets, there is a great deal of value in an add-on that can streamline its navigation process. Seamless compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 programs is a fundamental feature of this business powerhouse.

Navigation with Navo involves a clear-cut, accessible and user-friendly menu that acts as the main portal to company data.  Without a “shortcut” of this type, time will undoubtedly be wasted. Global navigation allows users to locate content and various company data much faster than traditional SharePoint menus, which are restrictive, inefficient and unconducive to customization. 

Megamenu Options 

The megamenu is an updated version of its distant drop-down relative, giving way for much simpler navigation throughout a company’s SharePoint site. This is created with the addition of a tool like Navo, which allows you to build a megamenu to your exact specifications, in your own unique branding and without the need for complex coding requirements. 

Drag-and-drop features as well as simple on-premises and online installation allow you to avoid the difficult transition process associated with most new software implementations. 

With the incorporation of a megamenu in your SharePoint Online site’s global navigation, employees and administrators can easily identify and access information pertinent to their respective departments and areas. Administrators are able to easily modify and add to the megamenu to simplify and further the global navigation process, and teams are able to access the same up-to-date information in real time as the site changes and evolves. 

Setup and Maintenance Is Straightforward

Unlike many on-premises and online software for businesses, Navo is incorporated into your SharePoint Online global navigation system swiftly and easily, sans complex logistics and transition strategies. Professional IT specialists are not required and what works well within your SharePoint Online site doesn’t have to change. Navo purely adds value to your everyday processes by simplifying the navigation aspect. 

Basic Add-on, Big Results

Navo isn’t here to replace the programs you so rely on as a business – but to integrate basic, fundamental functions that have the power to restructure your daily business operations in a big way. Once you’ve experienced our modern approach to global navigation within SharePoint Online, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it. 

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