Google Bookmarks Made Easier By Extension

How is overall function and efficiency where your business is concerned? How much time are your team members spending on bookmarks, whether it be saving (or locating) information vital to their workday (or that of their colleagues).

This is an important question to ask yourself if you think that your time management couldn’t be improved – because in most cases, it could. 

Google Chrome is widely utilized without a bookmark extension or add-on for business purposes, and thus commonly associated with operational fails like lost/repeated bookmarks (AKA company information, documents etc.) and general disorganization. This means more time spent in the process of storing, locating and sharing. Business activities can be simplified and streamlined with the integration of a bookmark extension like Navo for Google Chrome. Incorporating a bookmark extension into your internal processes allows you to devote less energy to the pursuit of company information and more energy to the areas of your company that require it. 

Navo’s Google Bookmark Extension – Features and Time-Saving Navigation 

Navo is here to boost efficiency in the workday, adding hours and dollars back into your company’s pocket. 

We know time is valuable – we also know we’re spending way too much of it communicating, sharing and searching for information with team members. And yet many continue to engage in this impractical method of conducting business. 

Navo’s bookmark tool is an extension that can be easily accessed and downloaded within Google Chrome and incorporated into daily operations. 

With the addition of Navo, your Google-based business setup is armed with features like:

  • Permission-based access to various company bookmarks and tools
  • A user-friendly format which allows administrators to effortlessly customize depending on your particular style and needs
  • Seamless navigation across all areas, departments, teams and projects
  • Online access from any location, on any device that supports Google Chrome

Plus many more intuitive features that create workflow and space that are conducive to enhanced productivity and flawless functionality. With an extension like Navo, you are no longer disadvantaged by common roadblocks and time wasters frequently encountered within Google’s Bookmarks Manager. 

A Cost-Effective Optimization Add-On 

Implementing and maintaining a highly efficient and interactive tool shouldn’t put a financial strain on your business – on the contrary, it should save you money. With Navo, performance doesn’t come at a steep price. For just $2.99/month or $29.99 annually, you can access all of the tool’s features, no matter which platform you’re working within – whether that be Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online or the Navo Web App. 

This is made even more convenient with cross-browser capabilities. Since Navo exists as a third-party extension, you can access bookmarks from Google Chrome even if they were originally saved through Microsoft Edge. As long as the bookmarks were inputted through the Navo extension, they are accessible from either browser, on any device you happen to be working from. This is especially useful for remote workers and time-sensitive matters. Navo’s accessibility and compatibility features are among its biggest appeals – with cost-effectiveness as its foundation.

Company time is valuable – don’t waste another minute of it maintaining the status quo with an outdated approach. Contact us for more information or opt for an easy, risk-free 30-day trial.