How to Manage Bookmarks with Navo on your Phone or Laptop 

Why are bookmarks useful? 

Bookmarks are used to save the URL for your frequently used websites to easily access in the future. Using bookmarks and learning how to manage bookmarks can save workers a lot of time. Regularly used tools and applications can be found quickly without having to search. 

Bookmark managers such as Navo allow for collaborative work amongst your team so that they can find key company resources, regardless of whether they work on-site or remotely. 

The ideal bookmark manager also facilitates administrative duties like updating your team members on new links. This is a small task that can easily become tedious without the right tools yet is essential to maintaining a cohesive workflow within your team. 

How to manage bookmarks and save them with Navo on your laptop 

Saving bookmarks could not be easier with Navo. Firstly, you must access the Navo Admin centre at 

The Navo bookmark manager home menu.

You must be a Navo administrator to add new bookmarks to your Navo account. These administrators are responsible for managing the company bookmarks. 

Within the Navo app, you can choose ‘Edit Navo’ and it gives you options to add bookmarks if you have the required permission levels.  

To add a new bookmark or sub item, click the ‘Plus’ within the Editor section and ‘Create New Menu Item’.  

How to add a new bookmark or sub item with Navo

We suggest using bookmark names such as ‘CRM’ as opposed to names such as ‘Salesforce’ or ‘Pipedrive’. This ensures that if you change your CRM, or if people are looking for the CRM but are unaware of the name, they can easily find the bookmark within Navo. 

How to manage bookmarks with Navo. Creating a new menu item.

Add the bookmark URL and set the audience type to include who you want to see the bookmark. Default for your bookmark audience is ‘All Users’. However, if you wanted to only share a password with your marketing team for example, you may choose to create a marketing audience and share the password with this audience only.  

Next, insert some information into the ‘Description’ box. Add some tags to your bookmark such as the company name, what the tool is and any related keywords to help people to find the tool. 

Finally, choose an icon to match your bookmark. Some brand logos are included in the logo bank but choose one that can easily identify your bookmark. 

You can then preview your bookmark within various locations such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Google Chrome

How to access your company bookmarks on your laptop 

Head to and choose your Navo Web App or Browser Extension. You can either use Navo via the web app or download the Browser Extension and use it within your browser experience.  

If you launch you can use it on your phone, laptop or download as an app by adding it to your tray. 

Once you are in your account, you will see any bookmarks within your account that have been added by your company Navo administrator. 

Some administrator’s use a Typeform that is stored as an Icon with the Navo bookmark manager to receive any new addition requests for Navo bookmarks. 

Why Navo works as a great bookmark manager 

It is important to look for a bookmark manager with an intuitive interface, which integrates a drag and drop function. This makes it easy to use for all colleagues in the workplace.

The right bookmark manager eliminates clutter and makes finding relevant tools effortless. Advanced search functions make this a simple a time saving way of working with bookmarks. 

Choosing Navo as your bookmark manager means you have all the above features and ensures you are collaborating efficiently in your workplace.  

To try Navo as your bookmark manager, be sure to head to our bookmark manager website today and learn how to manage bookmarks more efficiently!