4 Ways to Increase SaaS User Adoption

When you implement SaaS (software-as-a-service) for your organization, user adoption is vital to success. You implement SaaS with a specific purpose in mind, and without positive user adoption, it becomes impossible to reach these goals.

In this article, we’ll talk about four tips to increase user adoption of SaaS products in your organization.

Communicate a Clear Vision

Communicating a vision for the application before its implemented is an excellent change management strategy that makes your team feel included in the decision to use the new product and to get excited about how it might improve their day-to-day in your organization.

Communicate a clear vision of your plan for your new SaaS product to increase user adoption

Communicating a vision for the application before it is implemented is an excellent change management strategy that makes your team feel included in the decision to use Navo and get excited about how Navo will help improve their day-to-day in your organization.

When implementing Navo, communicating your vision for the tool is important so that your team understands the purpose of implementing a shared link library tool. They can consider the links they would like to see added, and begin to understand how Navo can improve workflow. We recommend directing your team to the Navo website and blog to learn more about the features and use cases applicable to them.

Launch With Intention

When you’re ready to launch your new SaaS product in your organization, launch with intention! Host an event, give a presentation, provides resources for using the product, and let your team know how to make recommendations for improvements. More importantly, talk about the benefits of using the new tool! Making a splash with your launch ensures that the product is front of mind for your team while helping to establish your goals. This also helps build a buzz and encourages positive conversations as the tool is introduced to your organization, ultimately increasing your user adoption.

To increase user adoption. launch your SaaS tool with intention

Provide an Easy Way to Give Feedback

Once your SaaS tool has been introduced to your team, the best way to increase user adoption is to asl for feedback and make improvements. Your team will know their processes best, and if the SaaS tool is hard to find, makes processes more difficult or cumbersome, or duplicates work effort, your team will simply avoid using it.

If your implementing Navo, your team will use the tool every day to find company tools and information. If the links are buried, hard to search for, or not included in Navo, they’ll revert back to methods of finding things that Navo prevents, such as shadow IT. Navo is more beneficial the more your team uses the application.

Listen to suggestions from your team to help increase you SaaS tool user adoption

Give your team a form or a forum to make suggestions for changes or improvements that will help make their jobs easier. Taking these suggestions into consideration and implementing them where appropriate will go a long way to introducing user adoption of the tool.

Keep the Conversation Going

After your new SaaS product has been introduced, sharing helpful tips, blogs, and feature updates with your team will help ensure the long term success of the tool. Include training and resources in your onboarding processes, and offer refresher training regularly where needed.

If you’ve implemented Navo in your organization, get your team connected on social to see helpful tips, blogs, and updates that will help your users understand the power of Navo, and in turn increase your user adoption.

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Following these five tips will help increase the user adoption of any SaaS product in your organization.

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