Make the Most of Your Time – The Bookmark Sharing Browser Extension

Plenty of businesses – both big and small – are making major improvements to their online activities through cost-effective add-ons. This is because although the internet is our operational basecamp, there is very little to work with in terms of efficiency features and business capabilities (e.g., your company intranet and/or bookmark sharing). Through browser extension tools like Navo, your office is accessible from anywhere – allowing you and your team to take full advantage of all that the internet does have to offer. This is what we mean when we say “improvements”.

Options, Options and More Options

Navo’s bookmark sharing browser extension does far more than a traditional bookmarking tool. In fact, you can consider this add-on to be a portal to your database for vital business information, programs, documents and more. It is your prime location for all things relating to your whole operation – your “intranet”. What’s even better is that Navo lets you customize, organize and store information according to area, department or project, into one easy-to-find place within your intranet menu.

My Intranet 

For those small businesses who have yet to utilize a company intranet, this is your own exclusive home base that is accessed by relevant personnel through the web. Your intranet can be as simple or complex as you require – offering a one-stop-shop for any information your team may need with regard to their individual, and collaborative roles. An intranet might simply house company information such as schedules, policies and departments – or it may be far more involved, housing areas like Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, CRM, etc. Customization options of interactive, intelligent tools like Navo allow administrators to create a perfectly user-friendly menu for your business. 

Speaking of user-friendly – Navo is specifically designed with your various teams’ valuable time in mind. It promotes efficiency and eliminates repeat actions and time wasters often encountered with poorly constructed or basic intranets, including those with traditional drop-down menus. 

Enter: The Mega Menu 

A company’s intranet menu can be its greatest ally or its worst downfall. When it comes to locating time-sensitive information, your best friend is the mega menu. Unlike its drop-down counterpart, the mega menu is laid out in such a way that areas are easily visible (and reachable). This is where identifying, retrieving and sharing certain documents, projects or information can be infinitely streamlined, cutting out the lengthy and often confusing process associated with a drop-down menu. Recent company updates are accessed in real time and employees are always in the know. 

One of Navo’s more impressive features is its customization options. Your business’ personal style and aesthetic is inserted into its intranet, giving a slick look and feel when operating. This further contributes to its appeal among SMBs. 

Ultimately, the biggest reason to consider a bookmark sharing browser extension for your intranet space is time. How valuable is yours? If you’re finding that your business is outgrowing the basic capabilities of most intranet builders, Navo can take you to the next level and help you claw back the minutes and hours lost to those inefficient intranet templates. Your team members will thank you, but so will your bottom line. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of a bookmark sharing browser extension like Navo, contact our sales team today.