Navo’s Global Navigation Menu – The Difference Is Efficiency

An efficiency overhaul may be needed where your company’s intranet is concerned – specifically with regard to navigation and user experience. This is not easy or even possible with certain traditional, intranet-building programs, which is why a global navigation menu is best incorporated through the use of an intelligent, cost-effective add-on like Navo. 

Until now, you may not have even been aware that add-ons like ours exist. Fortunately, this economical solution to poor navigation will integrate with your existing intranet seamlessly, as well as allow business administrators to create and customize the perfect menu for your teams to utilize – wherever their office happens to be. 

The Intranet

Your company runs on a program that links you, your employees and the high volume of data that is passed through and stored within your company directory, i.e., your intranet. The reason you developed a company intranet was to increase efficiency and create an organized home base where all departments, projects and information could live. This is beneficial to businesses of all sizes, whether you have 5 employees or 100+. Teams are able to address and respond to important (and often time-sensitive) matters through a company’s intranet, which is supposed to be set up with company personnel in mind. However, many intranet building programs are fairly limited in their tools’ navigation and menu capabilities, which can make the very thing that is supposed to save time, downright inefficient. 

Drop-Down Menu Fails

You may be familiar with the drop-down menu – you know, the one that forces you to take several steps (aka clicks) and work much harder than you’d like, just to find what you’re looking for. Drop-down menus are traditional routes to storing, locating and sharing various areas and information within a web page, but are not conducive to an efficient office. 

Global Navigation – i.e., The Mega Menu 

As impressive as it sounds, the mega menu is a new-and-improved version of its traditional cousin – offering company personnel superior options for storing, locating and sharing information (in other words, without all that extra work). Mega menus have simple, user-friendly layouts, with easy-to-read options and seamless navigation at employees’ fingertips. This is especially useful when company intranets are more complex, with several categories and sub-categories – however, even the most basic intranet setup would benefit from a global navigation menu. 

A particularly exciting feature of the Navo navigation package is its search / tag function. Administrators have the option to create tags that make locating information or menu items a breeze. Employees begin typing what they’re looking for in the search bar, and voila! 

With the addition of a global navigation menu, you will be shocked at how much time is saved (and dizzy at the thought of how much time has been spent, unnecessarily searching). What’s more is that you can incorporate global navigation into your company intranet with Navo for just $2.99/month. 

Peak efficiency is just around the corner with Navo’s global navigation menu options. For more information, contact our sales team or try us out for 30 days absolutely free.