Operating in Chrome? A Bookmark Extension Will Improve the User Experience

Chrome is undoubtedly one of, if not the most widely used browser for both business and personal use. This is thanks to its simple design, high operating speed and general reputation as one of the best browsers available. Although every browser platform has its pros and cons, Chrome consistently maintains its popular status. If you’re an avid user of Chrome for business, then you’ve probably encountered one roadblock in the speed and efficiency department – that’s “bookmarking”.

chrome bookmark extension

Businesses often rely heavily on bookmarks to organize and store important information that is critical to their respective companies, so it comes as no surprise that the question of simplifying this common tool has come up once or twice (or a hundred times). Although useful, Chrome’s bookmarking tool isn’t exactly designed for a high volume of tags or users. Additionally, when employees are required to share bookmarks across multiple departments, the waters can get muddy. If organization is compromised and lost bookmarks are an everyday experience, the results are wasted time and understandable frustration. 

Lost Documents and Data – The Bane of a Professionals’ Existence 

Most working professionals are familiar with the all-too-common scenario: repetitive questions from superiors and colleagues like “I can’t find that – would you share it again?” Alternatively, workers might find themselves losing track of their own bookmarks because frankly, Chrome’s bookmark tool sets its users up for disorganization.

Lost information / data is a problem that occurs every day in the workplace. And with more and more businesses operating remotely, the problem is only increasing. This is where a Chrome-compatible bookmark extension can be invaluable. 

Chrome Bookmark Extension Security and Sharing Features

With a bookmark extension like Navo, you have the ability to share your findings and data with selected team members who can access bookmarks from anywhere, on any device. This is because the Navo bookmark extension for Chrome is stored in the cloud, affording administrators endless sharing options and complete control.

Organizing bookmarks is entirely streamlined with this Chrome-friendly extension. Not only is it infinitely easier to develop, store, locate and share bookmarks, Navo lets you customize and design your business’ intranet menu and update as needed (looping in the team has never been so easy). Navo’s simple ‘search’ function offers users extensive time-saving advantages and an overall efficiency upgrade. The version history feature is extremely convenient for rolling back, and provides a record of who did what, when. 

Compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 programs is yet another benefit of the Navo package. No matter what platform your company works within, our services can add value and tremendously improve functionality. 

Should you fix what isn’t broken? Actually, yes.

It isn’t uncommon for businesses to go about their regular routines, methods and processes, unaware that there’s a better way. You may not know that there’s a problem with your approach or time management until a new-and-improved tool tells you so. Technology is innovative by nature, always evolving and becoming faster, better, stronger. Give your business platforms and software an edge by adding on a bookmark extension tool. Fast-tracking the process of sharing, storing and organizing company information will have a profound effect on productivity, efficiency and beyond. Contact us to learn more.

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