Staying Motivated As A Team

Staying motivated is always a challenge. However, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become even more difficult. Workers and students alike are experiencing fatigue and elevated stress levels as a result of the global pandemic crisis. Motivation at work and school has suffered.  

Motivation may seem like an individual problem that workers and students should be responsible for. However, it’s wise to consider how your company or online classroom can renew some lost motivation. The way your team members feel about working and learning will affect the overall success of your team. 

According to Lara Park, associate professor and director of the Self and Motivation Lab at the University of Buffalo, a deficit in three key areas of life causes a lack of motivation. These areas are autonomy, competence, and relationships. That being said, when you can stimulate these three factors in your workplace (virtual or in-person), you can increase levels of motivation. Here are five practical actions you can take as the leader of a team or class. 

Encourage Routine Where Possible 

Most productivity coaches who specialize in stimulating feelings of motivation for work or school encourage creating a routine. If your workplace or classroom is virtual, it may be difficult to make your team members or students follow one but by using routine cues throughout the day, you can lead them in the right direction. 

By delivering needed content consistently (preferably at the same time of the day), creating a weekly schedule, and following it as closely as possible you can facilitate your team’s sense of a consistent routine. 

Give Useful Sensitive Feedback 

As difficult as it can be to maintain your own motivation as a team leader, the worst thing you can do is cease to provide helpful feedback to your workers or students. Make it a point of duty to offer constructive feedback so as to encourage constant improvement. Be sure to pay attention to sensitive delivery as well so as not to discourage team members. 

Keep Work Challenging 

The transition into online learning and remote work has been difficult and your team members will appreciate empathy on your part. However, as discussed, competence and autonomy are two essential components of maintaining motivation. Don’t be afraid to let team members tackle challenges on their own. It adds purpose and novelty to dull, uneventful days. 

Make Resources Easy To Access 

Nothing is more demotivating than being unable to access the necessary tools to complete a task. Make sure that all team members have easy access to resources that will help their days run smoothly and make it easy to contact you in case the need for additional resources or information presents itself. The use of an affordable online tool like Navo can help you to transmit information to your team or class. 

Encourage Clear Communication 

Clear communication is important in an in-person work environment. The importance doubles in a virtual environment. Use conferencing software liberally so as to have regular face-to-face meetings with team members. The third essential component required to cultivate a sense of motivation is relationships. Keeping the lines of communication is the first step. 

As the leader of an online class or work team, the motivation of each individual team member should be of utmost importance to you. With Navo, you can share all the resources they need to carry out their duties with a renewed sense of motivation. Start your 30-day free trial today!