Streamlining Your Business With a Bookmark Sharing Browser Extension

Business competition is at an all-time high. More and more enterprises – both large and small – are incorporating state-of-the-art technology into their systems to maintain an edge, and ultimately protect their bottom line. When it comes to today’s business practices, customization is key. As we know, each operation is unique and requires an individual approach depending on what sector it operates in, its size and its goals. Many of these goals can be easily met with the integration of a bookmark sharing browser extension – ideally, one that is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint. 

Integrating with programs such as Microsoft SharePoint and Teams – both heavily utilized components of Office 365 – Navo provides the tools to streamline your business operations and connect the people who do the heavy lifting – your employees.  

Browser-based add-on bookmark options can optimize and enhance your company’s ability to share and store important ideas, content and documents. Perhaps the best part is a key feature which allows company personnel to collaborate with these materials in real time, on any device, anywhere.  

With drag-and-drop capabilities that are highly user-friendly, a bookmark sharing browser extension – like Navo – will provide your administrators with the means to construct an easy-to-navigate menu that will feature your company’s logo – its branding – its personal style. You decide how you want it to look and function, and then you publish.

For example, all of your vital departments such as HR, Accounting and Customer Service, can all be showcased and easily accessed by any user within your company. As well, you are able to point out the collective and necessary calendars, emails and file sharing that your business runs on. This is all part of the Navo package. 

bookmark sharing browser extension

Browser-Based Bookmark Sharing Extension – An Organizational Gold Standard 

New business developments are always in the works, all in the interest of expediency and maximizing work output while minimizing the workload – essentially eliminating redundant steps that can hinder growth and waste time/money. Simply put, shortcuts are a company’s best friend. And let’s not forget that in doing so, you are not forced to sacrifice on quality.

Accessibility is one of the most praised characteristics of the tool, which is enabled through the most widely-used browsers as an extension. Because Navo is browser-based, bookmarks are easily saved and found regardless of the location or device – it is your organizational connector.

Productivity and efficiency go hand-in-hand. If you are able to easily and quickly save/share your ideas with team members, you are always going to be a step ahead. Never playing catch-up or on the back foot: on the contrary, you – and your co-workers – are always apprised of the latest content and ahead of the game. It’s like being in the room, collaborating together as a team should. 

The impact of incorporating a bookmark sharing browser extension into your day-to-day is just one more advantage over your competitors. For more information about the many benefits you will experience with Navo, visit our website or start a free trial today

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