The Advantages of a Mega Menu When Using SharePoint Online

Whether you’re visiting an online retailer such as Amazon, researching a well-deserved vacation or trying to locate a certain document within your company’s intranet, navigating a website with hundreds of pages through a cluttered, disorganized main menu is time-consuming, overwhelming and a valid reason not to return.

This is where mega menus, the unsung heroes of modern web browsing, come into play.

A mega menu is a type of navigation menu that makes all the key sections and sub-menus visible at once. For a large department store, it may look something like this:

mega menu sharepoint online

By presenting a much larger, cleaner and more readable menu to the website visitor (with both easy-to-read rows, columns and headers), users can identify and navigate to their desired section of the website in a matter of seconds – no drop-down menus or extensive searching required. 

How Can Your Company Benefit From a Mega Menu?

As with a large retail website, a company’s intranet – such as one created with Microsoft SharePoint – may also have hundreds of subcategories, pages and frequently visited documents. When relying on the more commonly used (and often disorganized) drop-down or “cascade style” menu to find documents, the user will often be forced to spend considerably more time on a “digital treasure hunt” than actually completing the task at hand.

By incorporating a mega menu into your SharePoint Online database, you convert your modern intranet’s entire navigation into a single, user-friendly menu. Productive working is about identifying what you need, where you can find it and most importantly, getting there quickly – i.e., efficiency. 

“Did you know many employees spend upwards of 20% of each day searching for the information and tools that they need to get their job done?”

This is where Navo can improve your entire operation. 

Navo for SharePoint is a clean and sleek-looking global navigation menu that allows your administrators to quickly build a company mega menu and display it on any SharePoint Online site within the organization.  

With no coding required, Navo allows for a customized mega menu in SharePoint Online with built-in version history, fast search capabilities and even your company’s own branding and logo. Not only will Navo for SharePoint look great, but it will enable you to better organize and showcase your content and sites, ultimately saving your business time and money; all while driving and inspiring innovation. By arming your employees with an easy-to-navigate mega menu, you will be providing them with the latest tools and subsequent content, while opening the door for your team to discover new resources and ideas. 

Navo is easily integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Teams, as a web app and/or as a browser extension in Chrome, Edge and soon, Firefox.

Navo top tip: When planning and creating your mega menu within SharePoint Online, it should always be organized with the user in mind; in this case – your team members and colleagues. After all, they (and ultimately, your business as a whole) will benefit most from this time-saving addition.

If you’re interested in learning more, request a demo or begin your free trial today.

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