The Bookmark Manager – Tips & Tools to Stay Organized at Work

How’s your organizational efficiency in the office? Small and mid-sized businesses alike are taking a stronger than ever approach to seek out resources and tools that can maximize company time (and dollars). Of course, a lot of this has to do with the pandemic and more specifically, how it has completely shifted the intraoffice dynamic and its functionality. Many SMBs have gone remote with their offices, creating virtual workspaces for teams to connect and collaborate. With virtual offices comes a great deal of versatility in terms of how and when employees operate and tend to their business. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the best tools to get (and stay) organized at work – wherever that may be.

Before we dig into the features of organizational tools like that of Navo’s bookmark manager, let’s talk about transitioning to a remote office and what it takes to create a productive, high-functioning virtual workspace for your team(s). The first step is to identify your needs, where you’re hitting roadblocks or seeing lags in work output, and what could be improved. By starting a dialogue with team members, you are better equipped to accurately gauge where to invest time and money into improving operational practices. This might mean switching project management programs, developing a more in-depth system or on the contrary, trimming down on unnecessary processes that no longer serve their original purpose. By removing inefficiencies and adopting new techniques to support both the day-to-day and big picture goals, you will see a noticeable increase in overall efficiency and output.

Add-Ons Can Be Transformative

When we’re talking about tools to stay organized at work, project management programs are the go-to. But they certainly are not the be-all and end-all. Add-ons can make a world of a difference when it comes to optimizing efficiency in the office, especially if yours is remote or online.

Enter: the bookmark manager. When working online with any size of team, it’s easy to lose track of important company links, as most programs are lacking in the bookmark manager department. With a browser extension like Navo, you have a much greater handle on valuable (and often time-sensitive) information that is imperative to your and your colleagues’ workdays. When it comes to storing, locating, sharing and updating company bookmarks, you want to cut out any extra steps and get there as quickly as possible. With a bookmark manager tool, that is exactly the idea. Features like cloud-secured access from any device, version history, advanced search and drag-drop capabilities create seamless navigation and user-friendly functionality. Navo is centrally managed so you can generate instant updates and keep your staff in the loop at all times. Employees are supported by an intranet that always has what they’re looking for – no matter where their “office” happens to be.

Remote working can be efficient, effective and productive, given the right tools. Navo can be part of the virtual office solution with our bookmark manager browser extension.

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