The Remote Office and Organization: Bookmark Sharing Browser Extension – Part One

When you think of a bookmark sharing browser extension, one thing immediately comes to mind – organization. Naturally, if you’re on the hunt for a bookmark sharing tool in the form of a browser extension, you’re probably the owner of a business with an emphasis on remote working. Perhaps the pandemic has shifted your company to a predominantly remote work model, and now you’re seeking ways to streamline, promote productivity, and most importantly, boost operational efficiency. 

Why Remote Work?

Remote working has been on the rise in recent years, with companies realizing the breadth of advantages it can offer. Not only does remote work cut out a number of financial costs such as office leasing, equipment and maintenance (cleaning, security, heating, electricity etc.) but technological advancements have ushered in an era of online-based applications that can aid in the functional aspects of virtually all processes involved in running a business. The pandemic has simply accelerated the remote work movement, creating that much more space for this growing operational system.

Particularly for SMBs and start-ups, remote offices are not only financially sensible and more sustainable, but highly appealing in terms of practicality and ease. With all the advantages of the remote work model, it’s safe to say that it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Where Remote Offices Go Wrong 

Although there are undeniable benefits to the remote office, some still haven’t quite perfected this model in order to reap the most rewards. 

Those who choose a remote office platform must keep in mind that poor organization and communication will have a profound impact on productivity and efficiency. In some cases, remote offices might operate using traditional communication channels like email, not realizing that there is a much better way. This dated approach lays the groundwork for mishaps concerning important business correspondence – wasting significant company time (and money). 

Adapting to a completely different work structure requires completely different procedures – and online offices in particular are only beneficial to businesses that evolve with the technology that supports them.

How Do I Make it Work for My Business? 

If you’re the owner of an SMB and in the process of growing your team and customer base, the first step is to create more efficient channels of communication and organizational practices – because the truth is that if your company primarily operates online, you’ll need advanced, yet simplified programs that can assist in creating a user-friendly and productive online workspace. 

This means developing systems of fluid, real-time communication and intrinsic connectedness within your team – time-consuming concerns like waiting for an email reply can further contribute to inefficient workflow. A good place to start would be to invest in a project management tool and create an online “home base” for your team members to convene, as well as access / input information that is pertinent to specific tasks or your company as a whole. 

Enter: Your Company Intranet…

To learn how you can reach peak efficiency within your remote office, head to Part Two of our blog on the remote office and organization.