The Remote Office and Organization: Bookmark Sharing Browser Extension – Part Two

In Part One of our blog, we discussed the advantages of operating an online office and how it’s possible to miss the mark. One of the key objectives in any online working model is to achieve peak efficiency through seamless communication and organization – no easy feat when your team isn’t working under the same roof. 

Maximizing organization and efficiency is accomplished through a series of processes and useful online tools / applications – one of which is your company’s home base for all things concerning your business and its staff – your intranet. 

What Is a Company Intranet?

For those start-ups that are new to the online / remote office, this is your company’s private network for virtually anything relating to projects, products and services, specific departments, as well as general company and employee info. As you could imagine, this home base is collecting and storing large amounts of data and therefore must be well-equipped to support both SMBs and multinational conglomerates. Even for those offices that do not operate solely online / remotely, a company intranet is a fundamental component of organizing and locating information that is relevant to you as a team member, administrator, manager or owner. 

One of the most effective ways to see results when overhauling or constructing your company intranet is to identify where organization, communication and efficiency can be applied or improved. This is where a bookmark sharing browser extension comes into play. 

Bookmark Sharing Tool – Your Intranet’s Right Hand

If you want to optimize your team’s time “in the office”, it’s wise to learn about a bookmark sharing browser extension. This is something that pairs beautifully with your company’s intranet, no matter its size, functions or format. 

A bookmark sharing browser extension helps your team to work more in sync with one another and facilitates in creating the atmosphere of a physical office in all the ways that count. 

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably all too familiar with the pitfalls of locating company / employee links through traditional online avenues, and the chances are that you’ve found yourself unable to locate the information you or your colleagues require. A bookmark sharing browser extension can simplify this process by introducing a single portal where all vital company data lives, and a way to easily access information as it updates in real time. This is thanks to its capacity to organize company links in the most searchable and customizable way possible. 

Yes, most intranet software suites are outfitted with a bookmark tool, however these are often far too basic for most businesses to utilize on a larger scale. With a bookmark browser extension like Navo, link sharing and storing activities are infinitely enhanced and teams can access what they need, when they need it (even if they’re not technically “on the clock”). This is ground-breaking for remote offices and those transitioning to online offices – it provides the flexibility and connectivity your team needs to perform at peak efficiency, wherever they happen to be working. 

Maximum output, with minimal stress – that is the kind of online office we can all get on board with. By incorporating Navo, your business is supported with a bookmark sharing browser extension that will transform your company intranet and ensure that you’re operating at the highest functionality possible.