The Successful Student’s Toolbox For Online Learning

The Global Pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented education model – online learning. Students have had to adjust to learning out of the traditional classroom environment. They have taken on a host of new responsibilities as they complete coursework at home. 

At first glance, this new schooling format seemed like a dream come true. However, there are many unique challenges that test students who will continue to learn from home as the uncertainty of the pandemic continues. 

Students have faced problems with time management. The onus is on them to complete assignments on time and keep up with material without much guidance. In addition, the stress of so many unsettling changes has produced a lack of motivation. Not to mention, annoying technical difficulties that get in the way of fully benefiting from lessons. 

While there will still be challenges to overcome, educators can provide the right suggestions and tools to facilitate the transition into this new mode of learning and support student success. 

Three Tools Every Student Needs For Online Learning 

If students manage to create a distraction-free workspace at home, stay connected, and make use of the necessary tools, no changes to the schooling model can take away from their academic achievement. 

Time Management Tools 

As discussed, online learning requires students to manage their time in order to keep up with their courses. There are software solutions available to help students plan their days, stay focussed when they are working, and prioritize tasks according to their level of urgency. Effective time management will help students to accomplish more in less time. This allows them to attend to other important areas of life like socializing and keeping their eyes open for positive opportunities. 

Note-Taking Tools

A student’s ability to succeed in any learning environment depends largely on their ability to practice effective note-taking. This is especially true with online learning as educators and other learning support systems have more limited availability. There are many excellent options out there for creating helpful notes. Programs for revising these notes in preparation for big assignments and exams are also widely available.

Bookmark Managers

For large projects and term papers, students are typically required to use information from a wide variety of sources. During the research process, there’s a risk of wasting a lot of time searching for web pages and files that have been bookmarked. An effective bookmark manager offers a simple, intuitive, and quick way to organize important resources that help students pull excellent assignments together. Will just any bookmark manager do? 

Navo Is An Essential Organization Tool For Educators And Students 

In addition to tools students use individually, they often need extra support in the form of a team-focused online space. Navo provides just that. It allows educators to provide access to all essential resources in one place. It also allows students to access them at any time in a well-organized, efficient manner. Navo can be centrally managed by educators in order for them to customize the sort of experience they deem most beneficial for their students. 

No one is sure how much longer online learning will be a reality. To prepare for the unknown, make sure your students have everything they need to succeed no matter what their classroom looks like. Start your thirty-day free trial now to take advantage of this invaluable resource.