Your Company Bookmarks Wherever You Work: Why We Built Navo

Masthead: SharePoint Navigation Made Easy

Navo began as a SaaS (software as a service) solution called Masthead. We developed Masthead to allow an administrator to create the perfect global navigation across SharePoint. Whether your sites were modern or classic, an administrator could easily toggle on deployment of these company bookmarks to all SharePoint sites at once, or selectively deploy it across your tenancy.

Masthead’s focus was SharePoint, and with tags, descriptions, and security trimming, it still provides tonnes of value today. It’s now called Navo for SharePoint, but all the functionality is still there.

Early last year, we started exploring the idea of a ‘floating intranet’. In our mobile first world, with apps, tools, information and resources existing in many different places, we needed a place to find what we needed without having to dive deep into a tool (like SharePoint) first. We still needed an intranet, but we needed one that ‘floats’ – follows us from work space to work space, device to device.

Navo: Your Floating Intranet

So, we developed Navo: a fast and reliable way to access tools and information for your whole organization. Administrators can manage and instantly publish company bookmarks for the entire organization, keeping your team connected to the right resources.

Secured with the same Office 365 login you already use, and available on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, on your browser, and on your mobile devices, Navo bring your company bookmarks to you wherever you work.

Navo in Microsoft Teams

These days, we’re spending most of our time in Microsoft Teams. Teams offers a venue to collaborate, discuss, and work our loud while still accessing the files we need in SharePoint. Navo acts as a bridge between this collaborative work space and the rest of your company tools and information.

Pin Navo to the side bar for quick access to your ‘floating intranet’ where you live and work in the modern workplace. Add contextual tabs to your Microsoft Teams channels for access to company bookmarks specific to that team’s needs.

Navo in Your Browser

What if your company bookmarks were just a click away on every website you visit? What if you could search for tools and information right from the ‘omnibox’ in your browser? How much time would you save if these tools were just one click away? With Navo in the browser, see all of your company bookmarks in the pop out, or click ‘n’, then ‘tab’ to search your navigation.

Navo on Your Mobile

Access Navo on the web or download the progressive web app to your cell phone or tablet. See your company bookmarks on any device at any time, including on mobile.

What’s Next?

We have big plans as we continue to improve Navo to serve you better! Take a look and see what we have in store for 2020!

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